Monday, November 27, 2023

When did the world become a means to an end?

The sun rises around 6:30 a.m. and it's getting harder and harder to get up.
I have a runny nose, but I'm not sure if it's from last night's cold or if I caught it from my son who stayed overnight.
I put on a mask and got on the train, and by the time I got to the hospital it was better.
I heard that the cold that I had until yesterday was getting better.
I am relieved because I don't want it to get too cold too soon.

I would like to stay home except for work, but that is not going to happen.
I have to commute to work and I have to go shopping.
I have to use public transportation or a car to get around, but it seems that more and more people around me are rough around the edges.
Perhaps I make others feel that way in no small way, so I want to be careful.
Is it because of my biological decline that I feel this way, or is it because of the transformation of society?

What I feel most strongly about the transformation of society is the growing inequality of money.
I feel that this undermines people's minds and makes their hearts rough.
It is inevitable that money is the most important thing in life, but people no longer choose the means to get it.

It has been a long time since classic fraud and thievery became oleore fraud and appointment robbery.
When I see or hear about special scams committed by organizations like companies, I wish they would work hard at a legitimate job to pay for it, but I guess that is not possible.
Recently, there has been a problem of women prostituting themselves in host clubs to pay off their debts, which also seems to be a kind of scam.

Well, in some countries, stolen crypto assets are being used to fund huge amounts of money for missile development, so perhaps the disappearance of ethical values is already happening all over the world.
Considering the colonial rule that Britain and other European countries once exercised over the world, it may be that this was also an extremely irrational grab for wealth, and that the use of any means to get money has been going on for a long time.

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