Wednesday, November 22, 2023

A Sense of Contribution to the Nation as Reflected in North Korea's Missile Launch

The mornings are similar.
The social situation is the same, there's nothing to talk about domestically, the situation in Palestine and Gaza is in a stalemate, and I don't know what's going on in Ukraine.
I feel that Putin and Xi Jinping are not as exposed in the media as they used to be, is it because they are actually hiding in the shadows or because of NHK?

I wanted to check out the third school right away, but then I decided to take the night off to cool off because I wasn't sure what to do about the lesion that is so difficult to interpret.
Last night, just as the evening drama was starting, it was interrupted by a J-Alert at 10:46 p.m. due to a North Korean missile launch.
It was a good nuisance, and I couldn't sleep for a while because my eyes were so glassy.
I wonder when the replay will be on.

At that time, a picture of a North Korean crowd applauding and banzaiing was broadcast.
I wondered how those people felt when they did that.
If I were in Japan, I would think I could never imitate them, but there (in North Korea) they must be doing it very hard and risking their lives.

The ruler or rulers and the rest of the people.
What is the difference?
What you can't or won't do, you make others do.
This may be one of the schemes of the position of the ruler and the ruled, but in the extreme case it is to make them kill each other as a war.
What kind of mindset does one have when working for a master (i.e., ruler)?
How do warriors in the Warring States period, soldiers sent to fight in two world wars, or enthusiastic people in North Korea feel when they go there and do their "work"?

I do not have a strong sense of belonging to an organization (my current employer).
When I was young, I was proud of the pathology department at my university and tried my best to live up to its name.
However, as I moved away from there, my sense of belonging to the department diminished considerably.
As I changed jobs several times, I began to feel that the other side did not think as much of me as I thought they did, because of the dry way they cut ties with me as soon as I left.
Now I only feel a loose relationship with them as a place where I can simply be of service to patients as a pathologist.
Of course, I do what I can as a member of the organization because I do not want to cause trouble for my employer.
I should be thankful that I have the freedom to think objectively about how I can contribute to the nation and the organization as a member.

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