Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Never give up thinking, even if it is plus or minus zero.


The sky was blue in the morning, but the rest of the day was cloudy, and the cold weather is on the advance again today.
I think it is not bad that I think about different things every day, but when it is over, it seems to be all in a negative direction.

I start from scratch, list the problems or things I want to think about, analyze this and that, and suggest some remedies, but most of them turn out to be not so easy to solve, and I feel even more depressed because I cannot find any open-ended answers.
This is the usual pattern of thinking, and if you look closely, you will see that you are back to plus/minus zero, but the lack of a solution itself remains deeply embedded in your mind as a negative factor.
Cessation, as Hegel calls it, is not so easy to achieve.

Then you might as well try to stop thinking.

Think about nothing.

For example, it doesn't matter what your neighbor is doing or how politics are going, as long as you can live a carefree life, that's all that matters.
This may not be a bad way to live, but what would you do if something bad happened to you?

If you don't think about something all the time, it won't lead to a better way of life, and if something happens, you won't be able to handle it mentally.
So I think, even though it might be a trivial thing, I will live my life thinking about it a little bit every day.
Even if it causes more pain.

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