Friday, November 17, 2023

Don't let alcohol get to you.

The sky was completely covered with rain clouds.
The rain that had been falling since midnight last night continued to fall, but it had just stopped when I slipped into the station, so I didn't have to unfold my umbrella to save my life.

Last night, several of my friends of pathologist group met in Shinbashi and drank quite a bit.
Unlike Ginza, Shinbashi is a businessman's town, and we drank at a beer hall where someone is said to be good at pouring beer.
We talked about this and that while enjoying the bubbles that lived up to their reputation.
It was not so much an exchange of information, but we talked about what this person had done and what he was doing, and we learned some unexpected and useful things.
If it got too much, it would get uncomfortable, so we would stop at an appropriate point and change the subject.
Even when they were drunk, they were able to control their drinking, so I could drink with peace of mind.

As you get older, you become more aware of your alcohol limit.
When I was younger, I didn't know, so I made a lot of mistakes.
It's easier said than done to say, "Drink, but don't get drunk.
Last night, I made it home safely, but I regretted the two extra drinks I had after the last order was called.

Alcohol is only good when it tastes good, and it is even more poisonous when you are intoxicated or drowsy.
Whether you drink out or at home, you must be careful.
I am sure that many places will have year-end parties after Corona, but I would like to spend the year-end and New Year's holidays with caution, as it has been three years since I last drank outside.
I'm not going to have a drinking party at work this year either, because I don't want anything to happen to me.

Why a year-end party?

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