Monday, October 23, 2023

It's me or society that I have to think about.

 It seems that the Palestinian and Israeli issues have not been able to find a common ground, but we must not forget that the lives of the people there are being cut short every day.
I do not know what to think or send out from the safety of Japan, but I have to think about something along with the Ukrainian issue.
I don't care where a citizen like me stands, but I don't think it will be much different for the Japanese government.
It is no wonder that even the U.S. has no effective measures to take.

Even if we separate Palestinians from Jews, armed groups from ordinary people, armed forces from oil, and so on, it is almost impossible to rejoin the threads once they are unraveled.
Nevertheless, we need to think about it, or rather, people need to think about it.

While great things are happening in the world, we are also troubled by trivial things.
A mere prick of a rose thorn on the tip of our finger can make us feel helplessly painful and even desperate.
Then, for example, whether or not to vaccinate a child is a big deal, and from someone else's point of view, it is just a matter of doing what you want.

We are given a limited amount of time, and we have to live within that time, thinking about food, clothing, shelter, and this and that.
If we stop doing that, even if it is a problem that comes back to us, the value of our existence as human beings becomes much lighter.

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