Monday, November 13, 2023

Disappearance of Guiding Principles for Life and Growing Anxiety

It's even colder than yesterday, sweaters and coats.
It's November, so I guess that's normal, but considering how hot it was just a few days ago, the change in temperature is a bit sudden.
I feel tired from the lecture in Nagoya.
I went home in a stupor last night, took a bath when I got home, and went straight to bed, but I feel tired and sleepy.
Maybe I wore a suit for the first time in a long time, or maybe I spent the whole day in leather shoes, or maybe I was very nervous, and now that it's over, I feel drained.

The Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip, or rather the Hamas cleansing operation, has progressed considerably, and it seems that the "main battle" is being fought in the hospital, which is being used as a human shield.
If, as reported, Hamas has its headquarters in the basement of the hospital, then the people in the hospital area are human shields, and I feel a sense of helplessness.

On the other hand, recent news in the country makes me want to cover my eyes.
I wonder if this country is broken.
The deterioration of politicians, the exploitation of women by hosts, wild boars, bad teachers and policemen, special scams, etc., all suggest that this country is already broken.

I have no idea what to do about these things when I am so disturbed by them.
Japan and the world are losing the guiding principles of life.
I do not know whether it is the disappearance of what was considered absolutely right, or simply the revelation that there was no such thing in the first place.
The fact that something is absolutely right, which used to lead to peace of mind, is now compounded by the revelation that there is no such thing.

I wonder how on earth we can live in this world where there are even evil people who take advantage of our anxious minds.

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