Tuesday, November 14, 2023

What Should We Believe in Internet Information?

It was windy yesterday.
Was it the withering of the trees? I thought it was, but the weather forecast at night said it was.
Winter is finally approaching.
The temperature in the morning was around 10 degrees Celsius, and it was indeed cold, so I pulled out my trench coat.
The rush of overdressed people is about to start on the trains as well.

There is a term called "private arrest system," and the person who was doing it was arrested for defamation of character.
It is disturbing because they treated a person who was just meeting up with a friend as a reseller, took a video of it, and uploaded it to the Internet.
Something similar could happen with molestation or theft (shoplifting).
The people who watch the video do not know that they are making up a false accusation, so they judge the person in the video to be an outrageous person.
The person who made up the video is at fault, but is the viewer not also at fault?
Internet videos were good when they were just fun and interesting, but now they have become well-produced and have become a form of entertainment.
Isn't there an aspect of viewers who are looking for entertainment value that is increasing the number of popular contributors?
Well, there is nothing to stop it now.

The Israeli attack on a hospital, which is considered a Hamas stronghold, seems to be getting more and more intense.
One young man shouted, "This is unacceptable, look at this terrible situation.
Whether he is a civilian, a member of Hamas, or a Hamas sympathizer, we do not know.
All we know for sure is that both Israel and the Palestinian side have said in common that an attack on the hospital is taking place.

The fabrication and falsification of information will increase in the future, and I wonder if we will ever be able to find the truth among them.
Even if it is the truth, depending on one's point of view, it could be viewed in the exact opposite way.
Not to say that everything is bogus, but what is the truth in the first place?
If we follow the "common sense" that most people have, we will probably not have a big problem, but there will be people who deviate from it at some point, and since they are all different, the range of deviation will be large. The swing is very wide because there are people who are out of step at some point.
Should we aim to level it out, or should we just go with the flow and leave it at that, or should we wait for open AI to provide some kind of indicator?

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