Wednesday, November 29, 2023

My world does not revolve around me all by itself

When I came home last night, I found a wreath my wife had made hanging on the gate.
I felt the time fly by as I thought about the preparations for Christmas, but I suspect it is not just a matter of age.
I got a lot of work done yesterday.
It was good that I did not have much routine work to do.
I was also able to make progress on administrative work and conference-related tasks with the help of others.
The revised second edition is now in the final stages of publication and I am nervous.
It is a medical book in a minor field, so it will not sell as well, but I hope it will sell as well as the first edition.

In the evening I have dinner with a friend from medical school.
I thought we might go to a bar somewhere, but he suggested Nakamuraya in Shinjuku, where we reminisced over beer and oyster curry.
I hadn't seen him for more than 30 years since I left university, but I felt comfortable talking to him because we had kept in touch through social networking sites.
And although he does not read my blog these days, he was once an avid reader of this blog and often commented on it.
Once, when I was whining about not being able to continue blogging, he encouraged me by saying "continuity is strength" and helped me get through a crisis. Day, a week after returning to (almost) daily updates 04/03/2017)
There was so much I wanted to talk about, but we both had the next day, so we broke up easily, and if you really want to talk, you can put it in the messenger or whatever.

Not that there was anything big going on, but everyone was very important.
The fact that everything went smoothly (or so it seemed) was not due to my own efforts alone.
I may be the star of my own life, but at least I am not running the show alone, I think after one night.

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